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Montclair Real Estate Analysis

Montclair Real Estate Market Stats

Average Home Values

Price Distribution

Owners vs Renters

Home Averages

$0 Average Price
1,368Avg Home Size
1960Avg Year Built

Local vs National Home Values

Zillow Home Value Index $372,700 $189,400
Median Single Family Home Value $377,200 $187,900
Median 2-Bedroom Home Value $308,400 $149,200
Median 3-Bedroom Home Value $372,400 $183,600
Median 4-Bedroom Home Value $383,900 $303,500
Percent Homes Decreasing 6.4% 22.5%
Percent Listing Price Reduction 0 0
Median List Price Per Sq Ft $268 $121
Median List Price $372,000 $239,900
Median Sale Price 0 0
Homes For Sale 0 0
Homes Recently Sold 0 0
Property Tax $2,088 $2,149
Turnover (Sold Within Last Yr.) 3% 3.5%
Median Value Per Sq Ft $271 $133
1-Yr. Change 5.9% 5.5%

Local vs National Demographics

Median Household Income 40,797 44,512
Single Males 18.1% 14.6%
Single Females 12.8% 12.5%
Median Age 31 36
Homes With Kids 47.2% 31.4%
Average Household Size 3 2
Average Commute Time (Minutes) 30 26

Montclair School Data

Montclair School Districts

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Montclair Schools

Montclair High School
9-12, public
Buena Vista Arts-Integrated School
K-6, public
Howard Elementary School
PK-6, public
Kingsley Elementary School
PK-6, public
Lehigh Elementary School
PK-6, public
Monte Vista Elementary School
PK-6, public
Moreno Elementary School
PK-6, public
Ramona Elementary School
PK-6, public
Serrano Middle School
7-8, public
Vernon Middle School
7-8, public
Our Lady Of Lourdes
K-8, private
Montclair Christian Elementary School
PK-4, 6, private
Montera Elementary School
PK-6, public
West End Community Day School
3-12, public
International Montessori Schools – Elementary and Middle School
1-8, private
Montclair Christian Elementary School
1-8, private
International Montessori Schools – Elementary & Middle School
1-8, private